Five Ways To Improve Customer Experience

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Interactive communication

During the digital age an online presence is essential, but not just as an extension of your advertising campaign. The Internet provides the perfect forum to interact with your customers, ask opinions, deal with queries and share exciting new concepts.  Your company’s online communication serves as a perfect flagship for company ethos and customer services, addressing issues or sharing ideas in a collaborative nature with your clients builds upon a strong sense of community.

Rewarding Loyalty

Consumers come and go, but the aim is for them to come back time and time again. Each transfer of goods or services is a chance for you to build upon this relationship. Rewarding your customers loyalty doesn’t always have to take the form of monetary discount or “points”, it can be as simple as giving them a friendly face, a consistent high standard of service and polite conversation.

Adding a Personal Touch

Originality is something that we strive for, whether in your personal or professional life. Sometimes we need permission to allow our personal quirks shine through in our business, sometimes we cling to an out-dated model of strict, bland and boring marketing. The thing that sets you apart, your personality, should be shown at every opportunity possible to excite and attract new customers.

Be Contactable

Get a phone, set up an e-mail, read your e-mails, get on twitter, start a blog, get on Facebook, get on Linkedin… Do everything and anything to ensure that you have a clear and accessible point of contact for clients. Time waits for no man or woman and that missed phone call or ignored e-mail could have been the next big contract or business venture. Most importantly, respond quickly! Set aside time every day to talk to your customers and respond to their questions.

Know Your Onions

I would like to be the next iconic rock star, I’d like to, but it’s not practical. Now, that doesn’t mean that now and again I can’t sing into the mirror like the best of them, but I need to be realistic in my goals. The same goes for your business, ensuring that your customers have the best service available in your objective and yes that might mean delegation. Put the time in where you are most valuable your customers will reap the rewards.

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